Bhai Charnjit Singh Ji, Bhai Parminder Singh Ji & Bibi Rena Kaur Ji

Bhai Charnjit Singh Ji,Bhai Parminder Singh Ji & Bibi Rena Kaur Ji were three role model Gursikhs who excelled in gatka,katha, keertan, gurbani santhya, Gursikh rehit, and gurmat parchar through their words and actions. They passed on in May of 2004, but their amazing legacy continues to thrive. They left not only a legacy, but a challenge to the Sikh youth of Canada, America of becoming stronger, better, and united. The California Gatka Dal built on the inspiration of Naam, the legacy of the Guru's Sikhs, and the divine guidance of the Guru's teachings. With the Guru's blessings, California Gatka Dal will work hard to make sure the parchar and seva that these gursikhs started continues to thrive.